mscripts will be providing a new real-time on-demand messaging service for pharmacies. The service enables a pharmacist to send a variety of custom messages to patients, including requests for patients to contact the pharmacy, notifications of problems with insurance or payment, if the pharmacy needs to contact the doctor for more information, and other messages that improve pharmacy operations and patient health.

“Real-time on-demand messaging gives pharmacies unprecedented control over patient communications,” said Mark Cullen, mscripts CEO. “The system’s flexibility enables new levels of granularity of digital outreach to pharmacy patients.”

If there’s a problem with a prescription, the new module will allow your pharmacists to alert patients with a text and ask them to call their local pharmacy. In addition, the new system allows pharmacists to send preset custom messages of the pharmacy’s choice.

Real-time on-demand messaging further augments mscripts’ existing refill and pick up notifications and medication reminders, enabling your pharmacy to provide more accurate and timely information to their patients. Messages can be sent through the communication channel the patient prefers, whether text, email or a mobile push update. The service can be configured to automate certain messages, which streamlines pharmacy operations and frees up personnel to spend more time in consultation and direct contact with patients.

The service will be available as an add-on module to mscripts Digital Pharmacy Platform, Version 7.1.

Contact your account manager for pricing and more information.