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Featured announcement

mscripts now offers cost transparency for patients

We're excited to announce our newest feature that allows patients to see their co-pay amount when they receive a pick-up reminder.

Patients expect more visibility into cost when managing their prescriptions. By displaying the co-pay information in a text reminder, through the app or web, patients can manage their health related finances with confidence.

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Say Goodbye to Y!

Starting soon, patients will be registered for text messaging as soon as you enter their phone number in EPS. Patients no longer have to reply with Y to confirm their registration.

Boost Your Immunization Rates

mscripts has built a one-of-a-kind digital patient engagement engine that targets and drives individuals to receive immunizations through their trusted pharmacy. 

Prescription Mobile Checkout

Our Prescription Mobile Checkout allows patients to see the cost of, and pay for, their prescriptions  ahead of time, thereby streamlining the pick-up process and increasing efficiency.

mscripts version 7 platform has a lot to offer in terms of giving your patients more control to manage their health. We have made significant improvements across all aspects of our platform. 

Real-time On-Demand Messaging

mscripts will be providing a new real-time on-demand messaging service for pharmacies. The service enables a pharmacist to send a variety of custom messages to patients.

Flu Outreach

mscripts’ new flu platform identifies patients who should receive a flu shot and messages them at exactly the right time, increasing immunization rates at your pharmacy.

mscripts is now offering adherence text messages, sponsored by pharmaceutical manufacturers, to help patients with cost savings, education and engagement.